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Woven Worlds

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Natural Gardens

Welcome to Woven Worlds

Here are some images of our natural and creative work. We hope you like our work, or at least take inspiration. If indeed you like what you see and feel you have an empty space in your outdoor environment, do get in touch to discuss your idea or requirements.


 The photographs of our work, that you see here have been made for specific locations and clients. Our work is not mass produced, which we feel benefits you and your situation, as we will view, discuss and make a solution to your exact needs and the needs of the environment, as naturally and creatively as possible. Enjoy the images and hope to hear you. 



Woven tree seats

Made with local chestnut posts and woven using willow or hazel

Half seat with turf top cost from (as above image shows)

Full circular woven tree seat with turf top cost

Seats can also come with wood tops

Wood Tree Seats

Hand made from oak or other, to suit

Flint Seats

Can be made to be circular with wood or turf top

Fire Pits

We understand the issues relating to fire, in that most people love fire but do not want a spralling messy and dangerous and can design, supply and construct you a safe, manageable, bespoke fire pit that can be used when needed, but returns to a safe circle the next day. 


We really enjoy the planting aspect of our work and can offer a variety of planting solutions. We can offer you carefully designed tree and planting plans either with the features and structures you see here, or just as a planting plan to suit your outdoor space. We can also supply all the soil, mulch, tree ties, natural trellis, obelisks etc and almost any size of plant you require. The best tree planting time is winter. Some pot grown tree specimens can be planted in spring. Most perennials and shrubs can be planted in spring onwards, but the drier it is, the more water it needs in year one. We can help you develop bee and butterfly attracting gardens that offers colour, scent and the use of herbs such as marjoram, a bee favourite. 


Meetings can take place any time, please contact us to discuss your outdoor space.



By working with chestnut, oak, elm, ash and other materials such as rope, willow, batik, metal, stainglass and more, we can make strong and characterful pergolas, or similar concepts. A simple pergola may use just chestnut as this stays well in the ground. Panels of willow or hazel could be added, a lantern or two and a climbing rose, to create, a textured feel.

Projects we have completed include the pergola pictured above. The pergola is made with a decking area. It is  made with beautiful elm posts, thick oak planks, natural rope, brass fixings and softened with jasmine and clematis planting, on a solid wood frame, which is secured in the ground.  

Here is an example, below, of a natural and relatively cost efficient way of creating a sun shade by your house. The use of a willow or hazel roof helps to   filter through dappled sunlight.


Ash is a wonderful and reasonably abundant wood that enjoys being hand shaven and made in to items such as gates. For upright posts (in the ground) we aim to use chestnut and oak where possible. We may scorch (burn) the end of the uprights to tighten the fibres and withstand more moisture and prevent capillary water action. This aims to create a more long lasting post. Gates, as pictured below and came in this project as a pair to cover up an oil tank, are hand made using an ash frame, joints are connected with dowels, with willow inserts and forged metal hinges. Approx supply only cost: £450

Other construction


We also really enjoy flint work and this is a new aspect to our work that we are keen to develop. Below is an image of a recent project in Pakenham, Suffolk.  Flint work is a skill that uses two of east Anglia’s oldest materials; flint and lime, (it can be complimented by a continuous willow fence). Lime comes in the form of chalk, sometimes found within the earth near flint. These materials are millions of years old and it is a pleasure to make quality work using these ancient, but yet adaptable and creative materials.

Yes, we do undertake construction work. Natural stone such as flint, granite, limestone and slate are excellent choices in the right situation and made well, will stay there for many decades so offer good value. At Woven Worlds we aim to combine skills to offer you a service with options. When planning a long term outdoor feature, consider softening your stone work by colourful planting that will grow, in about two years, to become a natural and attractive space. Also, features such as pergolas, fire pits, sculptures, effective lighting, a wildlife pond or natural seating can all help the stone work become a more welcoming and hopefully a more frequented space!


Willow fencing available spring to autumn; Hazel fencing from early spring to summer depending on seasonal availability. Making a continuous woven fence, as with an ash gate, a chestnut pergola or any naturally made, thing, is not just about the finished article. All these items are made from nature and directly or in-directly benefits the woodlands of our country in some small way. A natural fence offers texture and a gentle protection that is hard to find from other materials and techniques. They can go from 1ft high to who knows how high and can go around obstacles and over bumps; a very attractive and versatile way of creating a structure. We also make woven veg-beds, school classrooms, oil tank cover and outdoor roofs that let dappled shade come through, whilst offering natural and gentle protection.


Fencing costs

Our fencing both with willow (above with flint) and hazel (top) involves wrapping the rods around with a certain tension, starting the work using a  strong, binding weave, packing down the willow, using extra strong end posts and capping properly. This, we feel, produces a good quality finnish. Treat natural fences as any other, (boiled linseed mix available but can be expensive) by applying them with preservative at the end of summer.

Continuous willow fencing from £4 per sq.ft

Hazel fencing from £4 per sq.ft

Veg Beds

Veg Beds is a section of our service that not only makes veggie beds to hold soil and plants, but helps you to create a suitable growing area(s) within your space. We can help you design and make these spaces. If you have room for a chicken hut, we could construct and weave you one; fruit trees? We can help you by getting them and training them as ‘fans’ or ‘espalliers’ up a natural trellis. We can get you mulch, soil, make you compost bins and cloches. Companion planting is important to encourage a wide selection of insects and pollinators and to prevent a mono culture look to what can actually be a beautiful and productive area of your garden or space; a most rewarding area of work. Various schools have used our service to create a veg bed with and for the children. The picture below shows a joint garden design with Otley college at the Suffolk Show 2011, where this garden won a gold. The students at Otley designed the plant layout and we built the arches and veg beds.

The woven veg beds, offer the ‘home gardener’ a variety of benefits:
  • More compost area for deep rooting types

  • Easily manageable areas

  • Garden tidier for kids and general access

  • Accurate use of space in small gardens

  • Suits cloche sizes

  • Crop rotation easier to manage

  • Less risk of disease as crop roots away from sub soil where pests mostly live

  • Proven to produce more harvest per sq m than in open ground

  • Attractive way of growing fruit and veg

  • Compliments other woven world items such as tree seats, trellis, planting, living willow, gates

Please contact us for in situ veg bed prices, advice, design etc

Obelisks from £30

Cloches from £35

Natural Trellis

Made from either willow or hazel from £40

Compost bins

We love compost. The decomposting process, interesting as it is, also generates some of the most nutritious compost for next year and saves you money. If constructed properly and turned with each season then the ideal, 3 bin technique, will give you a large amount of dark, well rotted, nice smelling compost each year. What is the cost of 3 bags compost from a shop? 15-20 pounds? And the nutrient value? Your compost is the best and comes from you, plus you will get a lot of barrow loads from a well constructed compost bin set up. What a lovely journey. Please contact us about hand-made compost bin prices​

Use contact details below, or fill in the form on the About Us page.

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